The “XL” Workshop

Milano, 6 novembre 2018

MiCo - Milano Congressi - Orario: 10:00 / 18:00

Il 6 novembre non perdere The XL workshop, 5 intensive masterclass in cui alcuni tra i maggiori esperti SEO al mondo ti guideranno all’interno di strategie e tattiche SEO di successo.

Ogni masterclass avrà la durata di 80 minuti e sarà dedicata ai 5 seguenti temi

- SEO Semantic
- Link building
- SEO content
- SEO’s next stage: CRO
- Keyword targeting

XL Workshop Speakers

XL Workshop Agenda

09:15 - Breakfast & Registration

10:15 - Co-Optimization - how to integrate paid and organic search (Bill Hunt)

Co-Optimization - how to integrate paid and organic search to find opportunities. During this session you will learn the benefits of integrating your SEO and SEM data to find opportunities to increase conversions and revenue. We will walk through aligning your data and setting up your tests and then review real examples and how to identify collaboration or cannibalization between tactics and how to scale the mutual efficiencies.

11:35 - SEO for Mobile (Aleyda Solis)

  • SEO in a Mobile First World: Learn from a Hands-on Workshop the process, criteria and tools to use to: Do a mobile-first SEO Audit while identifying mobile search opportunities to grow your mobile search results.
  • Assessing, planning and validating AMP implementations.
  • Why and how to implement and optimise PWA & PWAMP for your site

13:00 - Lunch Break

14:00 - Semantic Search (David Amerland)

Search is fragmenting. When semantic search becomes the engine that drives an app as innocuous as Google Lens we understand that the traditional concepts governing search and findability have fundamentally changed. This fundamental change needs to be reflected in our thinking in order for us as marketers, search engine optimisers and webmasters, to be able to better serve our clients and make websites more findable. This is a high-level workshop where we shall look at the link between current practice and core understanding of search. We shall examine both to establish strategies that will work to deliver the shortcuts SEOs and marketers crave.

15:20 - Advanced SEO Strategies: From Keywords to Entities (Bill Slawski)

SEO beyond Keywords: Optimizing for Entities. Google has left search behind, and entered a second generation that focuses upon knowledge. We have seen them introduce the knowledge graph, and explore a more automated extraction of data from the Web known as the Knowledge Vault, which extracts data from text, DOM on webpages, Tables, and Structured Data. Google has introduced Knowledge-Based Trust as a metric which can identify sources of more accurate information on the Web. Google also is using context terms to disambiguate meanings of terms and identities of people on Web pages.

Creating content for the Web that includes paying more attention to Entities can lead to richer webpages which can be found for stories related to those entities, properties and attributes associated with those entities. This means going beyond keywords to a richer experience, queries that are responded to with answers to questions in answer boxes, information-rich knowledge panels, using Google Trends to understand searcher interest in topics, and schema to assist with searches by location and by photographs.

16:40 - Measuring Performance


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