Monday 13 November 2017, Mico Milano Congressi

Live the XL experience! A full immersion day with intensive training courses on SEO, Analytics, CRO and eCommerce leaded by recognized marketing leaders. Epic fails, best practices, successful stories and networking opportunitie…. select one of the XL SEO & Analytics workshops and enjoy a full day of learning! Check out the line-up

Advanced SEO Training

Spend a day with a SEO expert and come away with cutting-edge SEO techniques – tackling RankBrain, voice search, AMP, featured snippets and more – that can help raise your rankings and visibility in search engines…Speaker: Ale Agostini, Bruce Clay Europe director

Speaker: Ale Agostini, Direttore Bruce Clay Europa

The “XL” Workshop

5 intensive masterclasses on SEO pillars like keyword targeting, link building, content, architecture/semantic and CRO with some international masters of SEO about creative strategies and successful techniques

Martha van Berkel, CoFounder, Schema App
Ken McGaffin, Online PR and Link Building Strategist,
Fernando Maciá, CEO, Human Level Communications
Megane Bellod, Specialising in Digital Marketing, Merkle | Periscopix
Shahina Meru, Associate Analytics Lead, Merkle | Periscopix
Francesco Margherita, Founder di “Fatti di SEO”, Curatore del Blog “

UX and Conversion Optimisation Masterclass

Get a proven and hands-on framework to make more money with your website & landing pages. A full-day, intensive training course led by world renowned UX and CRO expert Karl Gilis.

Speaker: Karl Gilis, CRO Specialist, AGConsult

Acquisire clienti online: la via più breve

Join Luca Orlandini e Matteo Zambon for a full day of eCommerce strategies & tactics education. Get a consumer-first approach to digital commerce and look at how to build the right platforms to generate leads and to sell goods and services to your customers.

Luca Orlandini, Consulente di marketing, Futura Immagine
Matteo Zambon, Partner, In Risalto