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SMXL 2016 was a great success and we’re on our way to prepare for next SMXL on November 13th-15th 2017

We’d like to know what you think is important and what we should address at SMXL to make this another memorable event for both speakers and delegates.

There are so many interesting things to talk about, however we need to focus on a limited number of topics for the sake of our agenda. Here are a few points we believe will inspire you in formulating your proposal for SMXL. Although not binding, these points are what we consider of strategic importance for Digital Marketers and we would like you to review them and propose theme focused topics for the SMXL 2017 agenda.

Topics for SMXL 2017

  • Web Marketing
    There is a growing need for an increase in synergies across all fields: technical skills are required to define and manage hosting needs to fine tune websites and deliver content at blistering speed to satisfy the need for real time user satisfaction, and protect sensitive data from increased threats.
  • Mobile
    In 2017, the web is a mobile first media with new, more challenging requirements. Users demand unprecedented speed and the need to be understood in their behaviour. Conversions will come at an increasing cost if all these aspects are not addressed.
  • Semantics
    Semantic Search and Natural Language Understanding are the backbone of Natural Language Search. Mobile devices are the standard for most of our everyday activities and we talk to them more and more. This advanced aspect of search is growing fast; entities are replacing keywords.
  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization efforts are built on the foundations of a unique mix of technical performance, web design, and on-site/off-site optimisation strategies. No longer a stand alone discipline, SEO resembles the individuals who implement and enforce strategies to deliver organic traffic, providing actionable advice to digital marketers and entrepreneurs alike in a never ending trial and error process with particular emphasis on mobile performance.
  • Ecommerce
    Sales fuel the online industry: there is a growing need to address Organic Placement and Search Engine Advertising for Ecommerce sites in order to balance the books. Algorithmic updates and increased adwords complexity are a dangerous combination digital marketers need to understand and manage to survive and make a profit.
  • SEA
    Search Engine Advertising is a strategic component of any online presence, generating a growing percentage of traffic to websites: online strategies must rely on SEA for a balanced, fail-safe, presence. SEA plays a vital role in the definition of long term strategies and offers reduced time to market that SEO cannot deliver at a fraction of the cost - particularly important to run small test campaigns as an input to the overall digital strategy.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media is where the people are and where the discussions take place and where the brands need to be. A Digital Marketing Campaign is incomplete without a Social Media component.
  • Usability & CRO
    Usability and Conversion Optimization play a central and essential role in all this: our pro-active efforts to attract the best possible organic and paid traffic will have been in vain without the right usability and ease of use to ensure a seamless transition from the landing page to checkout.