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Techical SEO Today
How important is technical SEO today? What should you be doing to future proof your website? How much and where should you invest in SEO? How should you manage your SEO ona day-by-day basis?
The Dark Side of Digital Marketing
Ethics, Best Practices, Gidelines and Terms of Service are the baseling of all our strategies... more often than not increased competition, complexity of management and increase in costs push unscrupulous marketers to adopt questionable tactics to prevail - Learn from the expereince or the experts what goes on behind the scenes...
Structured Data & Semantics - How are they Changing Search?
Structured Data is still in it's infancy with many SEOs practising the profession of the data scientist. Most lack an indepth understanding and the far reaching implecations. Hos is structured data modifying the organic search landscape? How can you put structured data to use and which are the benefits in investing on structured data? Is it only about snippets?
Search in a Voice Responsive World
Voice Response is a game changer - How is voice search chaning the search landscape? How must marketers respond? How can we attempt to answer these queries? What are the implications on a website today? How shold we change it?
SEO in a Mobile First World
Design, development and optimisation must be driven by the mobile first mantra - our world is mobile. How does mobile differ from Desktop and what should you do to keep your website up-to-date and current on mobile devices?
Content Related Strategies for Search
Content is king in a storytelling web - Strategies to identify new opportunities to develop content based on business intelligence, competitive research and historical perfomance. Learn how to create content based on query intent.
Usability Best Practices
In a highly coompetitive search landscape every session counts - all your traffic comes at a cost and you need to make the most of it now! Learn what you can do to boost conversions. Tools and checklists that are helping the CRO specialists. How to implement them in a money (and time) safe procedure to excellence.
Search for Ecommerce
Search for Ecommerce demands special special attention to satisfy the expectations of shoppers and needs for optimal indexing by the search engines - Learn how you can satisfy both
Advertising TRACK
Cutting Edge Paid Marketing Tactics
Facebook and Google own a lot of the advertising market, but both are getting saturated and expensive. Where does the smart money go these days? What channels, tactics, properties, or arenas are under-invested in that can earn valuable eyeballs, clicks, leads and conversions?
Web Marketing and Data Visualization
An amazing amount of Data is available to marketers today: Google Analytics, Facebook AdWords, YouTube, Bing Advertising, Attribution modelling tools, etc. It's easy to "get lost" in this big data. Learn how Data Storytelling & Data Visualization unlock valuable insights to make decisions and plan strategies
Ecommerce - Machine learning, AI and predictive analytics in e-commerce
The increasing complexity of the digital landscape on one side and huge business expectations on the other side are the driving force of change in e-commerce. Fueled by tons of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are slowly becoming the norm. But algorithms themselves won't be able to change the companies and deliver success. Entire companies need to change as well. How to embrace this change? Where do we start and what should we expect? Which are the organizational needs? This session will examine data-driven digital marketing frameworks, insights and case studies from clients and finish up with a stack of tools and takeaways you can use to produce some quick wins.
Tracking & Reporting Automation
Reporting can be very time consuming. Too much data is like too little. This session offers tips and best practices to achieve greater control and less time spent on routine checks. This session is dedicated to the more practial aspects of managing your campaigns using Google Tag Manager and other off the shelf scripts with advice from the panelists
Search Advertising for Travel
Strategies and case studies of failing and winning activities for selling online Travel services (Hotel, Camping, Flights, Transfers). How to adapt a strategy and which tools (and marketplace) are performing better in different markets (not only countries) and how to start a selling activity that is "by law" in Italy and abroad.
Search Advertising Campaign Optimisation
Campaign structure is an essential element of your success. This session will focus on providing useful information on how to seutp and build an effective PPC campaign and how to make use of the most advanced features PPC platforms offer today
Mobile Search Advertising
This session is dedicated to the world of mobile search advertising - what you need to know about mobile advertising, where and how to use it for maximum performance and return sessione
Managing Click Fraud
Click fraud is one of the biggest concerns of all advertisers and a challenge for PPC experts. This session will shed light on the complexity of the phenomena and offer insights on how to defnd your search advertising campaign
Social Media Track
Visual Content Marketing
With the rising popularity of Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and visual content in Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more, what are the best practices for visual content optimization and marketing, how can businesses take advantage, and what pitfalls and risks exist
Content Marketing & Information Design for Social Media
"Pics or it didn't happen" has been one of the latest buzz words (or buzz sentences) that migrated from the Internet to society. Marketers and Communicators must use effective means to win the attention of people in order to get messages accross effectively in a fraction of a second on Sicial Media Platforms
Video in Social Media Marketing
Using,Video on Social Media Platforms, benchmarking performance strategies for an effective social media strategy. Learn how facebook views work, how time watch is important for YouTube video. A strategic overview on the most used social media platforms.
News & PR in the Social Media Age
Making the most of fresh news for your business and Enterprise in a cost effective way
Social Media & Search: Bringing it all together
In a mobile and social world, this panel offers some insights on how Social Media and "traditional" Search work together: a session rich in practical examplaes and case history to leran from
Storytelling for Social Media
Engagement is crucial and attention spans are at an absolute minimum while we consume content on the go all day long. Learn from the experts how you should structure a content plan and how it should be deployed
Measuring Social Media Performance
Social Media is a big part of the web today. Marketers are increasing their expenditure, management requires a return on investment. How can we measure it? Which tools should we be using?
Social Media Strategies that work
A closer look at Social Media from a strategic standpoint. Panelisits will share insights, success stories and failures in the Social Media Marketing arena.
Emetrics Milan
Analytics Panel
Tracking best practices for obtaining the best available data in your analytics platform. It includes Tag Manager tip & tricks, alternative tools to Google Analytics and Big Data analisys overwievs.
Conversion Panel
Conversion Rate Optimization best practices and tools. Real case histories of successfull A/B testing or euristic evaluations with numbers and practical suggestions on methodologies to define what to test and how to do it.