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 Optimize and Implement (SEO TRACK)
Guidelines and Best Practices for Successful SEO
Seeking the latest trends and insights in SEO to outperform your competitors on Google and other search engines? This is the panel you’re looking for. Expert speakers will share cutting edge techniques and the most advanced SEO knowledge available today. Presentations will provide actionable information you can use from day one back at the office. In this
panel leading SEO experts will share their experience and help find the way forward in what has become a complex scenario complicated to manage.
Building a Better Web: Structured Data Applications
The use of structured data is becoming a standard and the way forward to transform the web of random documents into an intelligent network of entities. Learn how you can use structured data today and increase traffic with more accurate, on target keywords. In this session speakers will show you the latest innovations on structured data modelling and strategies
with practical applications, implementations and results.
A.I. in Search - The Future of SEO
Artificial Intelligence is fueling the 4th industrial revolution. Machine learning technologies and a new generation of very powerful algorithms will drive web technology evolution: voice search and smart chatbots will assist and entertain users once on our website: what can you do today to embrace the change? Which tools are available? How can they be
implemented? At which Cost? This panel of experts will answer these questions and help you leapfrog your web presence into the future, today.
SEO 27/5 - The Google Mobile-First/Mobile-Friendly Challenge
How can you mange optimising a website for a 5 inch mobile screen or a 27 inch 4K display? This is a dilemma all SEOs face today. With more than seventy percent of first touchpoint traffic coming from a mobile device and the impending “mobile first” index, there are a number of considerations to take into account when it comes to SEO and Usability - a far from
trivial challenge speakers in this panel will show participants how to go about this dualism and thrive in a mobile world.
Multilingual Aspects of SEO
International visibility is what this session is all about: experts with different backgrounds and experience with different languages will explore strategies and share insights on how to move your website beyond translating and localizing your content.
Security, Reliability and Performance in SEO
Websites are prone to a growing number of security risks. Statistics referring to 2016 confirm hacking increased YoY by 38% according to PricewaterhouseCoopers; cyber-attacks in 2017 occurred at double the rate of 2016. Server, CMS software maintenance and other technical aspects play an essential role: professional advice for optimising your website security to avoid hacking disasters also plays a significant role on website performance (speed). Experts on thispanel will provide case studies and best practices to minimize security breaches and risks.
 Organize and Advertise (SEA TRACK)
Paid Search Explained, Avoids Migraines
Search Engine Advertising is a sophisticated platform capable of delivering relevant and targeted ads to prospects. The risk of failing to deliver a positive ROI is real: this is an extremely competitive and dynamic marketplace where scenarios can change in a matter of hours. In this session you will learn from the experts how to tackle even the most complicated Pay
Per Click Projects where management and execution are essential. Panelists will focus on how to create, manage and grow a campaign using the latest and most advanced techniques available today.
Adwords Adversity - Making Google Your Ally
Google Adwords requires  planning, execution and constant monitoring of performance - an ongoing effort to stay ahead of competition and maintain a positive ROI. Adwords has evolved into an archipelago of tools: addressing your needs to deliver the best possible message at the right time, at the right place, to the right audience is challenging to say the least. Speakers will tackle the many problems adwords professionals face in defining advanced strategies to reduce CPA and create successful adwords campaigns.
Measuring Performance
Performance is self explanatory. Numbers speak the language of business. In this panel speakers will focus their presentations on what matters in order to deliver the most effective and self explanatory reports. A practical session on how to avoid falling in the bottomless pit of analytics tracking and reporting, this session will deliver actionable information on how to setup and manage reports you can use for both internal management and clients alike.
Search Advertising for Travel
This session will offer tips and insights on one of the most competitive verticals online toady: the travel industry. Search advertising for travel is an extremely dynamic and competitive market segment with increasing PPC costs and diminishing returns if strategies are not frequently updated. Expert speakers will show participants the latest trends and techniques in
paid search to stay ahead of your competitors.
Keeping Ahead with FaceBook Strategies
Facebook has been recently plagued by the Cambridge Analytica scandal and fake news propaganda. Yet the majority of users have not changed habits or settings - Facebook remains a major player in the Social Media Marketing Arena, offering significant opportunities to investors. This panel will feature case studies and “state of the art” Facebook marketing examples which will inspire new and improved strategies attendees can immediately employ.
Search Advertising Account Automation
Automation plays a growing role in account management. As campaigns increase the level of complexity in their pursuit of ROI, the demand for automation increases. This session features some of the best professionals who will share their in depth knowledge on campaign automation and tools, so you can concentrate more on strategy and avoid manual time-consuming updates.
 Entertain & Interact (SMM TRACK)
Organic Social Media Strategies
Social Media plays an essential role in digital marketing - it affects your brand and influences consumer perception of your products and/or services. There are a number of channels out there and you face the dilemma of choosing which channels you should use to comunicate with your consumer base and prospects: Where should you start? What should you do? How should you interact? Which strategies have proven to work best? This panel will offer real life examples, case studies and best practices to use on your projects.
Social Media Advertising
In this panel expert speakers will show you how to plan and execute paid advertising strategies for social media to boost your brand and promote your products and services on social media platforms to win the users attention and conquer their hearts.
Meet the Brands
Brands are self-contained universes: each brand has a story to tell, facing many difficulties along the way. This session is tailored to fit the needs of those social media marketers keen on knowing more about the brand ecosystem, case studies, best practices, and inspirational insights you need to know if your business is managing a brand.
Successful Content Strategies
Copy plays an essential role in SEO/SEA and Social Media - powerful content can attract new customers, educate users and ultimately drive revenue and build a powerful brand for your business.This session features expert speakers that will spark your creativity and help with your content marketing strategy to building an audience by publishing,
maintaining, and promoting your content.
Vibrant Video Techniques
Video is a powerful strategy to promote and brand your business online. More consumers interact with videos on YouTube today than ever before: video is vital to boost your brand and connect with your audience. Speakers in this session will share innovative video marketing strategies and tips on how to create and optimize video, making it an integral part of your
digital marketing strategy.
Social Media Applications and Apps
Social Media is all about interacting and engaging with friends, family or businesses. Speakers will present innovative and successful applications in Social Media used to interact with brands. Learn from the experts which are the right social media apps or tools you should be using to achieve results management expects from you and your team.