SMXL Milan Speaking Pitch Form

Want to speak at SMXL MILAN 2020? This form allows you to pitch for sessions that have made it to our final agenda. We are not taking new session ideas at this point, and if you do not see a particular session listed below, it’s because there are no openings for that session.

IMPORTANT: Submissions must come directly from the person making the pitch, in their name, with their email address.

How To Create The Perfect Pitch

To increase the odds of being selected, first read the agenda for the SMXL Milan which you are interested. Then, when crafting your pitch, keep these points in mind:

  • Understand the session’s goal. Don’t propose “thought leadership” if a session is explicitly tactical.
  • Provide key takeaways that the audience can use right away.
  • Don’t waste time explaining why a topic is important. We know why – that’s the reason we put a session on the agenda.
  • Be very specific about what you intend to cover. We don’t want a high-level overview – we want specific facts, advice, case studies – concrete statements about what you intend to speak on.
  • Don’t talk about yourself, your company, product, service, or past presentations in the pitch description – leave personal details for the bio section.

Please do not contact our conference chairs directly with your pitch.

We work as a team, and we all use this system as our central conference planning tool.

You’ll be notified as to whether you’ve been accepted or not 4-6 weeks prior to the event.

If you’re accepted to speak, you’ll receive an All Access pass to the entire SMXL MILAN event


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Speaker Bio (give us 2-7 paragraphs and a URL to more, if that's not sufficient)

Select your preferences for the first day 11 november 2020 (max 3 choises)

Strategic SEOTechnical SEOKeyword ResearchContent StrategyTools & AutomationGoogle Search AdsAmazonOther NetworksLanguage & StorytellingSocial Advertising StrategiesContent Marketing InnovationChatbots & Voice Automation

Select your preferences for the second day 12 november 2020 (max 3 choises)

SEO for industriesLink BuildingSuccessful strategies & case studiesThe SEO of tomorrowEcommerce PromotionGoogle Display AdsFacebook AdsMultiplatformMax Engagement & InteractionVideo StrategyGrowth HackingBest Practices

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